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Official CORE Interactive Fundamentals Training Launch

Although the past business process has worked well, today we are faced with new initiatives in the commercial nuclear industry that require reducing costs, increasing efficiency, meeting regulatory requirements, and improving nuclear safety. 

Fortunately, Accelerant Solutions, in partnership with Tecnatom, has found a way to satisfy these demanding needs through the implementation of innovation and software. 

Discover how to conduct Operator Fundamentals training without physcially being in a classroom.

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Coronavirus: Changing the Way We Train

The world today is facing unprecedented challenges in response to the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus pandemic (declared by the World Health Organization on 3/11/20).

As a result, many companies are being pressed to find new ways to work remotely and help in their own way to contain the virus.

Some of these efforts include setting up committees to plan for the contingencies that may arise from the impact of the virus, all the way down to requesting designated staff to work from home in an effort to minimize the spread of the disease.

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The Time to Innovate is Now

Transfer knowledge and lower attrition using simple content management that works. Eliminate errors and reduce the time required to update and revise training material. Let your instructors focus on what really matters: delivering effective training to their students.

Software should not hinder your ability to conduct training, it should work for you.

Learn how commercial nuclear utilities are conducting training as new technologies are adopted in the classroom environment.

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CORE Navigation User Guide

Learn how to use and navigate through CORE.   Make sure you watch this video before s...


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