Frequently Asked Questions

CORE is the most Innovative Experience for Fundamentals Training. The platform CORE is developed by Operations Instructors and Instructional Designers to put innovative material together in a challenging way for the student. Each lesson contains: Lesson Guide matching content with the learning objectives,Digital resources consiting of animated graphics, 3D models and interactive videos, Mental Gym with review questions to practice and Mind maps to facilitate the training process. Additionally, a mentor is added to the CORE program to help the individual student achieve their academic goals. CORE contains all of the knowledge-based training required for generic fundamentals in one unique platform that allows students to learn through interaction and exploration.
An automatic e-mail is sent with a link for your first login. This message may be filtered by your mail server. Please check with your IT support that is a trusted sender
For privacy reasons, only the user can access to their own personal data. Once you sign in, you will receive an e-mail with your access data. If you don’t remember your access data, you can recover them by clicking on “Forgot your password?” at the login screen.
Click on “Forgot your password?” in the login screen. You can either enter your username or e-mail address you were signed into SOUL. You will receive an e-mail with instructions to reset your password. The link in this e-mail is valid only for 30 minutes.
Your courses are shown in your dashboard when you enter in the Campus. You can access it by clicking on “Dashboard” or “my courses” in the left-hand side menu. Additionally, you will receive an e-mail in your inbox when you are enrolled at each course, with a direct link to the courses.
Please contact our Support Team through the contact form. Please click on the link labelled “Help” or “Contact”.at any page
First of all, please, make sure you are using Google Chrome browser. CORE contents are designed to be viewed by using Google Chrome, and you may experience some difficulties at accessing and navigating the content when using a different browser. If still having problems, ask your IT staff for help to set up your browser correctly. Check that pop-ups are enabled. Please check the safety settings of your browser and make sure that is one of the allowed websites in your organization.